Youth sports gives kids a chance to be themselves and work with others. Organized youth sports leagues or OYSl is about making new friendships and hardships of youth sports. Youth sports should always be an important role in every kids lives. Youth sports teaches you  about citizenship and sportsmanship, it’s all about being part of a team. With youth sports everyone benefits not only about learning teamwork but to help keep a healthy lifestyle. I am for youth sports, for they promote a healthy lifestyle, help you learn life lessons, and help prepare kids for life.

To begin OYSL doesn’t just help you with teamwork but keeping a healthy lifestyle. David Geiger in ” Give Children Variety and Time Off” says that ” As adults, we should want our kids to play sports. They not only exercise but also promote mental wellbeing and social development.” Jim Thompson says ” Competitive sports can enhance life well after childhood, from education to work to relationships to becoming a positive contributor, and then rearing the next generation.( Parents Should Focus on the Bigger Picture)Keeping a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about staying physically fit but having a good mental wellbeing.

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Kids should play on a sports team to stay healthy it’s about being active in a fun manner. With youth sports it helps prepare kids in life with finding a job. Sports teams are just like working a job, everyone has a very important part and everyone needs to pitch in to get the job done. Stephen D. Kenner says ” while striving to win, children learn about teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship, all of which can contribute of solid citizenship”. A healthy lifestyle is also about being a good citizen.

Weather It’s on or off the sports field they will keep there teamwork and citizenship with them. A healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise and eating healthy it’s also about keeping good morals as you go through out life.In addition sports as all kinds of valuable lessons! Stephen D.

Keener says that every summer people watch little league tournaments. “But more important, they see a pitcher shaking hands with a batter that he just hit with a pitch, or a third baseman giving a high five to an opposing player as he rounds  the base after a home run. These wonderful, heartfelt scenes, brimming with life lessons for all ages, were inspired to spirit of competitive team sports”. With youth sports you can learn how show good sportsmanship.

When the players shake hands showing sportsmanship it can have an impact on anyone. The life lessons that youth sports teaches are endless and not to mention the friendships. With youth sports being a key source of teachable moments. Stephen D.

Keener said “The lessons young players gain between the foul lines have guided some to become astronauts, emergency responders, bestselling authors, military heros, professional athletes, and even presidents of the United States”. Playing youth sports can help you achieve all of these things and help you get the profession you want. With youth sports you don’t always have to be a professional athlete it can help with any job you want. People make you think that you have to be an athlete if you play sports as a kid. I play youth soccer and I don’t want to play soccer as a career I want to have a different job.Lastly youth sports can help prepare people for life. “Sports provide an endless amount of teachable moments” says Jim Thompson., he also says that “youth sports should be seen as a development zone with a motto of better athletes better people”.

Sports isn’t just about making better people but preparing them for life. Sports can help you deal with things under pressure. Youth sports can even help you work better with other and be more open about yourself.

With youth sports can help you with things for the rest of your life those are just a few examples. Jim Thompson states that “we should focus on the bigger picture of OYSL that includes a teachable spirit, resilience, grit, self confidence, determination, and empathy”. When we focus on the bigger picture we can use all of these to help prepare us for life. Grit can be used while doing a project on a tight schedule. You can use determination to help you while working on different projects and jobs. Self confidence can help with whatever you need in life so you never give up.

Readers could argue that youth sports can injure more than. (Megan 1) ” Numerous parents on the sidelines who do not always act as a role model for their children when it comes to good sportsmanship”. David Geiger says ” Most children’s bodies are not capable of playing one sports day after day, for years on end, and they have joint injuries to prove it”. If parents are not setting a good example during OYSL then why pay money for that. If parents are going to critique you to do better and you have to pay for that, that’s just wrong. Do you really want to just pay for your kid to get injured.

You don’t have to pay for your kids to get exercise, you can go to the park or anywhere else. As you can see youth sports helps with making healthy choices all the way to helping prepare kids for life. I hope you take what I said into consideration when deciding to sign your child up for youth sports. There are downsides but they are mostly out weighed by the pros. I think you should sign up for youth sports and maybe we will see you on the sports field.