World War II brought many
changes to the American life; to our society. 
Because of WWII many groups were created to fight for the rights of people.  This essay will focus on how did WWII foster
the momentum of the African American civil rights movement.  How did the activism of that movement
influence other groups such as the antiwar movement, other minority groups, the
LGBTQ community, and women to push for recognition and rights, and how did the
movement impact the nature of American life and society.

     The end of WWII was a time of technological advances. The salary improvement took place from the negotiations between the unions and the employer organizations, and assuring the greater profits to the industrialists. To sustain this level of life, it was necessary to increase consumption, even of superfluous products that began to be advertised as essential. In order to achieve that goal, a new lifestyle was created in the United States, which began to spread as the American way of Life (American lifestyle). Furthermore, great movements fighting for the rights of African-Americans had a very important impact not only for the African-American community but for the entire American society. Different thoughts and action existed within this movement. Some of the most important leaders were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, with different views on American society and the objectives that the African-American community should have.       According to our online textbook The American Yawp, more than one million African Americans fought in the war. Most blacks served in segregated, non-combat units led by white officers. Some gains were made, however. The number of black officers increased from 5 in 1940 to over 7,000 in 1945. Many bomber crews specifically requested the “Red Tail Angels” as escorts.  And near the end of the war, the army and navy began integrating some of its platoons and facilities, before, in 1948, the U.S. government finally ordered the full integration of its armed forces.1  Even though the military integrated most platoons and facilities, outside the military there were many discrimination issues that people had to deal with even after the war.  This war brought a strong sense of power for many groups to come together and achieve a goal.  The campaign for the Civil Rights of African Americans did not begin until 1955, but in that decade, it acquired a preponderant force achieving the objectives that were set centuries back.      Modern American liberalism is a form of social liberalism developed from progressive ideas such as Theodore Roosevelt’s New Nationalism, Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier and the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson.  It combines social liberalism and social progressivism, associated with the left wing of the Democratic Party supporting the social state and the mixed economy.  Among its demands are: the suffrage of African-Americans, the right to abortion, the rights of gays and rights, guaranteed by the government, education and health care.  The use of non-violent protest and the advocacy of legal changes by the Civil Rights movement influence the protest methods of other groups in American Society.  The Civil Rights movement was the first to use the non-violent techniques.  Matin Luther King and other groups used this form protest to get their point across.  A good example of this type of protest was used in the movie shown in class called two days on October.  The students at the University of Wisconsin protested against a chemical company that was visiting the campus.  The last thing on their minds was that the police was going to attack them or react the way they did.  What was supposed to be a calm sit in protest turn into the worst thing that happen that year on campus.2 

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     This movement impact society because it
brought the creation of different laws that prohibit discrimination in
employment and business of public accommodation on the basis of race, color
religion sex or national origin.  In the
21st century there is a growing equality for women’s rights,
disability rights, gay rights and immigrant rights across the US.  The mentality that people had in other
centuries is changing at a rapid range. 
It took a while for the US to elect the first black president, but it
happened.  The rights for gays to be able
to marry was something that our people fought for years and it became possible as
of 2015.  There are many US citizens
fighting for immigrants’ rights and they are hoping that with all the advances
in politics and all the laws created they can also have a positive outcome of
all that they are fighting for.  According
to the Virginia Historical Societies website, the civil rights movement
was a heroic episode in American history. It aimed to give African Americans
the same citizenship rights that whites took for granted. It was a war waged on
many fronts. In the 1960s it achieved impressive judicial and legislative
victories against discrimination in public accommodations and voting. 3 

    In conclusion, WWII brought many things to
the United States but one of the things that did was bringing people together, the
creation of different groups, so that they could get a point across. Even
though different laws were created to fight against discrimination and inequality
we are still fighting for these rights in todays society.  This essay focus on how did WWII foster the
momentum of the African American civil rights movement.  How did the activism of that movement
influence other groups such as the LGBTQ community, and how this movement
impact the nature of American life and society. Finally, unfortunately,
although this movement had a great social impact and positive consequences,
there is still inequality and racism. If you act with violence, you will have
more violence, that is why more and more people are choosing pacifist

1 Mary Beth Chopas et al., “World War II,”
Joseph Locke, ed., in The American Yawp, Joseph Locke and Ben Wright, eds., last
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2 Two days on October shown
in class.