(c) Women can develop their own religious belief and they will be motivated to work toward their equality and well being of all.

(d) Increased knowledge of women will able to empowers women and develop their own personality. (e) Women mutual support is necessary for empowerment. Women have to develop their potential and make fullest possible contribution of society. Giving the importance of female leadership in community and grassroots level organisation, non-governmental organisation have been identified the key factor in empowering women and ensuring that the accurate knowledge of their true situation, of their actual and potentials role and obstacles to their economic participation reflected the design of economy wide policies. This empowerment of women stresses the capacity of women to increase their self-reliance and internal strength. The empowerment approach to women advancement in developing countries like India recognizes that the patriarchal structure of subordination must addressed through women’s organisation at grassroots level. They can facilitate bottom up change by providing a softball mechanism to raise women’s consciousness about their subordination. Becoming aware of women position in society and transferring skill to enable women to gain access to education, health care, employment are key component in many women empowerment programmes today.

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Women empowerment is an increase in women capacities and willingness to support other women and to work toward strengthening women in their effort to gain equity. Women collective action necessary to deal effectively with such issues as violence against women and the persistence of patriarchy in welfare states. The probability of realizing women’s freedom is increased through their awareness of possibilities they share with other women. This increase self esteem, individual and collective confidence and also make increase in knowledge, awareness level. It makes awareness and recognition of women’s economic contribution within and outside the household. Empowerment enables women to gain access to and control of material as well as information resources. The first step when the concept of women and development was introduced in the Sixth Five Year Plan which can be taken as landmark for cause of women.

The realization and regenerative development efforts in term of economic development of women. In grassroots level, empowerment work for welfare, upliftment and poverty alleviation to describe the goals of development. It becomes the key solution to social problems like high population, poverty, low status of women, environment degradation.

According to Karl “Empowerment is word widely used but seldom defined. Long before the word become popular, women were speaking about gaining control over their lives and participating in the decision that affect them in home and community, in government and international development government and international development government and international development policies. This empowerment captures this sense of gaining control, of decision making and of participating.” Women empowerment entails to deal with the forces of oppression; it entails learning having vision a new society and also makes conscious and deliberate interventions and effort to enhance the quality of life.

The collective strength and all women moral support bring solidarity and support among worker to achieve empowerment. It also struggle against the oppressing strength. This empowerment sustains both the struggle and support base. It also implies avoidance of crimes and atrocity against women and make improvement in health, education etc. Improvement of status of women and their access to family planning services, make contribution to sustainable development such as their own contribution to the quality of life and eradication of poverty, they contribute to economic growth, by raising the quality and skills of work force and slowing down population growth thus reducing the burden on environment which will improve the sustainability. It improve the status, particular in respect of education, health and economic opportunity is highly important and enhances their decision making capacity is vital.