With the rise of women’s movements in the world and the emergence of their activities, questions arise in the minds of the masses about what these movements and ideas are based on, and the meaning of the claims they make.Feminism is perhaps one of the movements that needs clarification and interpretation, because it is often misunderstood, which affects the fulfillment of its demands.The following are the most frequently asked questions that we have monitored following the discussions of users of social networking sites in conjunction with the feminist movement in the region.

The most important is the Saudi women’s movement and the need to introduce some concepts, ideas and details.Feminism is a term used for philosophical theory and thought that opposes discrimination on the basis of sex. It calls for the cessation of violence against women and their liberation from persecution in all its forms. It calls for economic, political and social equality.Feminism permeates all aspects of life in which a female may be discriminated against for male, even linguistic, male domination and artificial superiority.The French philosopher and sociologist Pierre Bourdieu stresses that “this control has been embedded in the collective unconscious of mankind for centuries and has become an invisible and imperceptible element in the relations between men and women, and this unconsciousness must therefore be taken away and transformed into a consciousness that rewrites history .

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Feminism is divided into several schools of thought, including liberalism, radicalism, socialism, lesbianism and postmodern feminism, all of which differ in their interpretations and analysis tools, but usually agree on the main points;The fact that feminism is “philosophical” puts it in the rational, not emotional, and therefore not the issue of love and hate is the focus of feminist thought, but this question can be the result of following the scenes of anger and indignation among some women or feminists who express their feelings of rejection of male power cruel , Which in turn may draw in mind the idea of ??their hatred of men, and this is not true.Feminism is based on the idea of ??promoting equality with the opposite sex, not rejecting it, and freeing itself from male and patriarchal restrictions, not from men. Feminism does not object to men being an ally in rejecting these restrictions.

The man is not an enemy of femininity, but masculinity is her enemy.It may be recalled that the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, one of the most important views of feminist philosophy, was associated with the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, without stopping her from being a feminist thinker , And Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of Britain’s Political Equality Movement, married lawyer Richard Bancrest and co-sponsored claims and rallies.Some say that a man can be a feminist if he wishes; he believes in equality and the promotion and promotion of discrimination on the basis of sex in all its forms.

However, another view is that a man can be supportive of women’s rights, not forgetting; because he can not understand what she is going through And suffering.The English philosopher John Stuart Mill, for example, was one of the first advocates of women’s political rights and equality with men and had an important influence on the nineteenth-century feminist movement.