WILLIAM WORDSWORTHWilliam Wordsworth is a writer from The Return to Nature age.

At this age, romanticism was brought by him by his works and began to affect the English literature. His works affect the agricultural and industrial development at this age. William Wordsworth’s works and his life in creating poetry was really unique. It makes people realized and he made a movement on them towards the way they treat the nature at the age by his works. William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770, in Wordsworth house in Cockermouth, Cumberlands. It was a part of the scenic region in northwestern England that also known as the Lake District.

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William Wordsworth lost his mother at age 7 and he became an orphan at age 13. He was at Hawkshead Grammar School where wrote his first poet and managed to graduate in 1791. In 1975 William Wordsworth returned back to England after spending a time in France and London. He was able to live with his younger sister, Dorothy.

At the same year, he also had met Samuel Taylor Coleridge, that he became Wordsworth friend. They moved to Alfoxden and worked together on Lyrical Ballads in 1798. Lyrical Ballads was so popular back then because of its characteristics.

His works explain and express a lot about nature. His works also turned a common things or simple things of a field or a home even daily life being an amazing work that common people could understand. His works are all about imagination, love of nature, and tells a lot about the use of supernatural powers. He also wrote the second edition of Lyrical Ballads, it described how his poetry as an inspiration of a powerful emotions and would be seen as a declaration of a Romantic principles. Right after a visit to Germany in 1798-1799, he settled in the Lake District and at the end his home until his death in 1813 is known as the residence of Rydal Mount.The way William Wordsworth wrote his works was affected by how he was amazed by what is happening in France during the late of 18th. Wordsworth thought that the revolutions in France are going to be a great and wonderful thing to happen. But it turned to be the massive death of the upper class.

People at the time began to devolve into a reign of terror, where thousands of people were put to death. People began to be very violent and horrible. This made Wordsworth wrote a poetry that was against that revolution of a human being by involving the love of nature in his works. His action makes him has the revolutionary spirit and got himself became the poet laureate of England for several years. William Wordsworth’s works provide a good influence on the human mind towards how they see nature at The Return to Nature age. In his works, readers at the time can find all manifestations of the natural world, expressing how beautiful common things to the simplest flower. He made his works with his passionate thoughts and emotion, made people even curious with imagination and starts to think how precious all little things in nature truly are.

William Wordsworth repeatedly emphasizes the importance of nature to an individual’s intellectual and spiritual development. In 1805 The Prelude, one of his works has completed but not published until 1850 after his death. The Prelude explains how a love of nature can lead to a love of human mind.

Aside of The Prelude, he also has a lot of famous works for example: The World is Too Much with Us (1807), London, 1802 (1807), Ode: Intimations of Immorality (1807), Tintern Abbey (1789) and the most well known one of his work “Daffodils” (1807). In his works, he also explains how people became selfish and immoral when they distance themselves from nature by living in cities. Or we can conclude that people who are close to nature by living as a farmers or laborers, more likely are able to retain the purity and nobility of their souls. ( Source: www.sparknotes.com; keywords; poetry,Wordsworth,themes ).Daffodils (1807) was one of his famous poet.

It is also known titled “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”. Daffodils is considered as a classic of English romantic poetry. ( According to the  source of www.learnodo-newtonic.com about William Wordsworth Famous Poems ) Wordsworth was inspired to write Daffodils poem while he was taking a walk with his sister Dorothy in April 1802. He was walking into a long belt of Daffodils while having a talk to Dorothy. ‘Daffodils’ simply tells about the how the poet discovers a field full of beautiful flowers while wandering. It is a simple idea of taking the simplest thing as a beautiful work.

The poem is about how the wind breeze while wandering into the sky. Looking at the small beautiful flowers that dance following the air. This work of his made the readers imagining the beautifulness of the simplest thing that they usually ignore. This ‘Daffodils’ as one of his famous works also have a tight relation during the age of return to nature. At that time industrial has its biggest development and was being so productive. The views were all about works and industry, which made people at the time really missed the view of nature. Wordsworth made his poem in order to bring back the feelings of true nature that everyone missed at the time.

Which was his aim to make people turn back to look at their environment and appreciate all little things of nature.William Wordsworth had the environment around him a place to express himself. He used his spirit to build a revolution towards people that are in the gloom of a life far with nature. Wordsworth was able to change and give a good influence on the human mind. He made his famous phenomenal Lyrical ballads with his friend Coleridge and also made its second edition. He also gets inspired by all little things around him.

Wordsworth made his poet in order to make people realize to look at the simplest thing of nature. That it can brings you joy and peacefulness. People at the age who reads his works will have to imagine all the little things in his poem. For example in one of his famous poetry titled ‘Daffodils’ which he got inspired while walking into a yard full of cute little flowers while talking to his sister Dorothy. Wordsworth made his poem in order to bring back the feelings of true nature that everyone missed at the age of return to nature. Spontaneous expression and love of nature is the way how William Wordsworth works with his numerous poems.