Wilcon Depot is the Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction supplies retailer based on gross sales in 2015, according to a study conducted by University of Asia and the Pacific – Center of Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. in October 2016. The company was founded by Mr. William T.

Belo it opened its first branch in 1977, a modest 60-sqm store along Quezon Avenue with a variety of local brands of tiles and flooring, plumbing and sanitary wares, electrical and lighting products, hardware and tools. Mr. Belo gradually expanded the pioneer Wilcon branch as business picked up opening three more branches with an average area of 2,400 sqm from 1989-1995. In 2002, Wilcon established a store in Davao City, the Company’s first store outside of Metro Manila. In 2003, the Group incorporated WBDI and later that year launched its 6th store in Las Piñas, the first store utilizing the big-box or Depot  format. At 10,000 sqm.

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, the Depot format was larger than their previous stores, which had an average size of 4,223 sqm. Its product selection was more comprehensive and included more international brands and new product lines and categories such as furniture, furnishings and houseware, paints, and building materials, among others. The company now conducts its operations primarily through a format under the name ”Wilcon Depot”. As of September 30, 2016, the depot format accounted for 96% of the company’s revenues.

Each Depot format store carries 90,000–150,000 SKUs and offers a broad variety of large-scale home and construction supply products. The net selling space of the company’s depot stores ranges from 2,800 sqm to 31,000 sqm, with an average net selling space of 9,500 sqm. As of 2017, the company had 34 depots located around the country. In 2009, the smaller format mall-based or community based stores were formally organized and operated under the brand name “Wilcon Home Essentials”. These community store-type outlets targeted customers that require easy access to a basic range of tools and materials for simple housing repair and maintenance. Home Essentials stores range in size from 1,000 sqm to 5,200 sqm with an average net selling space of 2,400 sqm.

The company has designed its stores to provide a comfortable atmosphere that will enhance the customers’ shopping experience. The company stores offer facilities such as free parking, ample ventilation and air-conditioning, well-lit shopping areas, and a similar easy-to-navigate store layout in all its stores. For its depot forma stores the company offers more shopping convenience like a coffee shop or a snack bar, lounges for customers and their contractors or architects and engineers, design hubs and a play area for kids. The company continues to ensure the completeness of these features in all of its depots to keep customers satisfied.

To date, Wilcon has 17 branches spread all over the Metro, 23 stores in the provinces, and 6 of which are Home Essentials, 2 mall-based Home Essentials stores and 4 stand-alone branches – with a total of 40 operating stores nationwide, and is now known as the country’s leader in home improvement and construction retail store.