For example in our own country India, Mohammadans, Sikhs, Harijans and Christians may be regarded as minority groups. Besides, in various states of the country many people in several areas profess to belong to some minority group, in order to serve their selfish ends. It was principally because of this feeling that Bombay was sub-divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat and Madras into Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and Haryana was formed out of a part of Punjab.

Likewise other examples may also he cited. To­day the people of the minority group are striving hard, to strengthen their wrongly supposed weak position and they are ever trying to extract extra concessions from the government in the. Form of services, admission in educational institutions and other countless benefits. In certain respects, the people’ of the minority group consider themselves weaker and less privileged and the majority people regard themselves superior in certain respects.

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The minority people want to change their position and they pose oppositions before the majority in many matters. So there is a clash of interests resulting into internal strife’s, mutual suspicion and hatred and riots. This situation poses a problem for education, because education alone can wipe off such social dissensions. Through education we have to try that people may imbibe good standards of life and may strengthen the roots of emerging democracy in the country. In a democracy everyone should be given an equal opportunity for growth.

There should be distinction of caste, colour, creed, sex, wealth and poverty in the fulfillment of aspirations of an individual. Now the problem before education is how to organize educational facilities in order that the difficulties of the minority group are easily solved.