WHY FIREFIGHTERSSHOULD BE COMPLETELYREPLACED BY ROBOTICS Chen Tianle INTRODUCTION BackgroundAs statedby the National Fire Protection Association injuries report, in 2016, an estimatedof 62,085 firefighters in the U.

S. alone were injured in the line of their obligationwith 19 deaths 1. In a way to reduce the deaths, injuries, and exposurescause to the firefighters because of their routinely expose to hazardous conditionsto save lives, property, and environment, the U.S. Navy unveils the roboticfirefighters which will support the firefighters in tasks such as looking fortrapped persons, scrutinizing fire conditions, suppression and controlling firespread 2. As an example of a best practice to eliminate harms to thefirefighter, the Singapore Civil Defence Force deployed robot firefighters tosupport firefighters to extinguish the blaze that occurred at a Tuas wastechemical facility 3.  Purpose Thepurpose of this research proposal is to investigate the success of replacingfirefighters to robotics and identify the scalability in technologies of therobotic firefighters. It also discusses and compares different types of roboticthat have been developed for firefighting.

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  METHODOLOGYThe following methods will be used to accomplish the proposed tasks.·       Collect and evaluate data on efficiencybetween the firefighters and robotic firefighters from secondary research·       Analyse data and engineers researchstudies from secondary research·       Gather secondary research on various typesof robotic firefighters deployed by different fire departmentsPRESENTATION OF FINDINGSThe findings including the following data will be presented to the teamon 13 February 2018.·       Research data on efficiency between thefirefighters and robotic firefighters from secondary research·       Features of robotic firefightersscalability·       Research data on various types of roboticfirefighters deployed by different fire departments·       Hurdles in deploying robotic firefightersin some of the fire scenes     REFERENCES 1 J.G.

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