The problem of co-operation between the society and school is not so complex as between the school and family sometimes the gulf between the school and family becomes so wide that the child has to face two types of environments resulting into lack of harmony in his behavior. Similarly, there should be no gulf between the school and society.

The school has to serve the interests of society. In other words, the school should represent the society. It is in this sense that John Dewey has remarked that the school is a society. In the activities of the school the shape of the society should be clearly seen. School cannot be separated from society, because the school is a necessary organ for the development of society. The students and teachers are members of the society and through their personalities they bring to school various social problems. The parents also bring pressure on the school through their demand expectations. Even then there appears to be a gulf between the school and society, because the environment of the school has become artificial.

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Whatever is done in the school does not appear to be related with the demands of society. So after completing his education, an individual is facing unemployment and cannot stand on his own legs. By bringing the school near the society, self-confidence and self-reliance may be created in the individual.

Therefore the school must be related to the social demands. It has been suggested by some educationists that parents should be invited to participate in school functions and they should be made conversant with the various activities of the school. Sometimes the teachers should visit homes of students and should talk to parents about their children’s difficulties. By these measures the parents will feel that the school is paying due respects to them and it is sincerely interested in the growth of their children. The experts in the field of education have also stated that the teacher should take the responsibility of cultural development of the nearby society for this the teachers should organize some appropriate activities in the society.

Thus the school will be influencing the society in a healthy manner, and in a way it will become a centre of social life.