At the same time, if a speaker fails to marshal the right words, the speech falters and becomes mundane. Oral fluency development means having an abundant supply of words and being in a position to choose the most appropriate word in every given context. Fluency means having full command over the language. Fluency refers to the ability to speak effortlessly and with ease. Fluency means speaking with grace and in a flowing style.

As we have noted earlier, the world of words is vast, growing and fascinating. Building up superior word power is a lifelong endeavour. English language constantly adopts new words. Very recently the millionth word entered the English lexicon. New words come into being and gain currency.

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Old words fall into disuse and yield place to more contemporary words. Good speakers and effective presenters make conscious and continuing efforts to add to their word power. Good speakers learn the art of weaving vibrant words into forceful sentences.

They bring alive the power of English language. They do this by being on the look out for and assimilating new words from varied sources—dictionary, thesaurus, newspapers, books, reports and listening to accomplished speakers. But then, it is a long and progressive journey.