Naturalism stands for the democratic doctrine of ‘equality, liberty and fraternity’, and consequently it has greedy furthered the advance of universality and democracy in education. Naturalism has emphasized the need of physical education and health training, but the process it has recommended is a negative one. Rousseau speaks of many good health rules, though they are mostly negative. He recommends that the young child must be allowed utmost freedom of movement and he should not be confined to bed.

For making the child healthy, he must be exposed to cold, head at risk as far as possible. Naturalism regards moral education as a matter of experience rather than of instruction. Rousseau has favored a moral training through the natural consequences of a child’s acts, thinking that the unnatural and undesirable acts will be inhibited and the natural and desirable ones will be retained automatically. Naturalism limits intellectual education to the informal training of the senses. It wants that the child’s power of sense discrimination should be developed by stimulating his natural curiosity and interest. The child should be encouraged to express his ideas freely.

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Sufficient opportunities should be given to him for scientific observation, investigation and inference. Affected speech and verbosity are to be carefully avoided. According to naturalism, too much reliance on books is detrimental to intellectual development. To naturalism religion is a matter of the heart and not of the head. Religion is to be felt and not to be reasoned. So every child should be allowed to develop his own religion.