Who doesn’twant to be paid more? But to ask your boss to raise your salary can be toughjob.

Salary negotiation is an art. And to be sharp you need to keep in mind alot of things, and we are providing you with exactly everything that you mayneed to know in order to win the bargain. Read along the following strategiesto know more:(1)   When you are talking to your boss,you need to completely erase the fact from your head that you are here forsalary negotiation.

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You need to basically sell yourself to the negotiator.Present them with what they actually want – how your qualifications have made adifference in the revenues of the company, how you have been nothing but auseful asset to the company and how valuable you are to the company. You needto be humble and not at all boastful. Carving the right phrases with confidencewill send out the exact message. (2)   You need to manipulate their focusfrom the current or past salary to future potential. Companies tend to use yourcurrent or past pay as the benchmark as to what you deserve to be paid.

But,you should be able to shift their attention towards how you have grown duringthe past few years or even months, what new skills you have acquired.(3)   Remember, you are making a requestnot a demand. Your tone cannot be confrontational. You need to be very polite,but assertive at the same time.

Your voice should bring out your sincerity towardsthis job and your devotion to this company. You don’t have t be loud to beheard, just persuasive and smooth. (4)   Maybe you are having a financialsituation at home or some other problem that needs you to earn more. But, youcannot let your emotions take control over the entire situation. Beprofessional. Don’t react immediately and remain calm in all situations. Evenif the bargain doesn’t go in your favour, don’t say or do anything stupid thatleave a negative impression upon the negotiators or something that may evencost your job.

You may not be able to negotiate your salary now, but maybesomewhere down the line you get another chance to prove your worth and win. Salary negotiation is like a job interview and you need to prepareyourself with the same kind of answers.