White sand and warm water are closer than you think. When winter is cold, this is perfect and sun kisses are one of the places to escape. No passport required1. Sanu Juan, Futurro RicoWelcome guests to more than 100 hotels, 4,000 restaurants that cook and 107 tourists are open to viewers, there is something to think about returning to San Juan to Maria. Add to that the 16th-century stunning beach and colonial history, and you have a trip attribute connected to relax the tropical holiday with a cultural holiday. They are lonely beach walks in the lonely morning (Ocean Park Beach and Isla Verde Beach are local favorites) and your evening spent on paving the streets and decorating the candy-colored buildings of the old city.

History fans will not miss the Fort San Felipe del Morro (“El Morro” for the local people), at the edge of a triangle on a 16th-century stronghold of a castle.Eat: Alcapurrias, bacalaitos, empanadillas: Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the popular Puerto Rican street food name before the trip, so you’ll be ready to attack the food truck at the time you landed. Choose from many vendors in old San Juan, or if you are ready to explore, then drive around the famous Piano for 30 minutes on its true street food. For an eclectic variety of options, many go 23, the food truck croquettes discipline a Donat poke (from lote23.com, $ 4) to serve everything from the bowl to a compilation.

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Welcome: Like San Juan, The Gallery Inn is an appealing blend of the old world and a beautiful tropical holiday. Originally built in the seventeenth century, the Sarayakhana is an (actually, their 19th) rustic garden rust, industrial studios, fountains, a music room (see reception for concert hours), a swimming pool with waterfalls and 27 guest rooms. Do not miss wine decks, including the panoramic view of the old San Juan (thegalleryinn.com, starting at $ 175).Easily Messi (three and a half hours flight), Orlando (four hours flight), New York City (five hours flight)2. Sunbury Island, FloridaThe sea is undoubtedly the main attraction of Sanibel, and when some of the top competitors such as the beach, Lighthouse Beach, Bomman Beach and Blind Pass Beach have all the astral options.

If you choose any place, you can be sure that it will be treated with beautiful white sand and cool turquoise water. To go to this water, use the Kayak for the rest of the day included Tarpon Bay Explorers, which included a Kayak tour with a naturist witch wading bird and mysterious underwater shade mangrove forest (paddling through tarponbayexplorers.com will explain runs run from $ 30). The original Italian ice cream Pinocchio is famous for its taste inspired by a trip to the island, a local organization islands (Key-Lime Hurricane, Dirty Bali Dollar) and Animal Cookie Company Inspired by each blade (pinocchiosicecream.com, spoonfuls from $ 4)Eat: It does not seem to sound right for the “restaurant” island cow, it is also complete with an event, outdoor setting of a corn hole, photo ops, live music and yes, food.

Shanker fritters from pancakes in the place of bustle (Sanibelislandcow.com, $ 10 to $ 8 in the morning breakfast from the entrance door) with a four-page menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner grounds. For a little silent, Gramma Dot sits in the Sanibel Marina jetty and locks all kinds of local seafood to crape soft shell grapes and shrimp. (sanibelmarina.com/gramma, starting from $ 16).Habitat: A state where filling the beachside hotel, Seahorse Cottages is a welcome exit. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, cabinets collection, ranging from studios to two rooms ranging in size, feel comfortable and kinky, as almost a relative gave what you did from a guest house for the weekend.

With the hospitality prevails and near Old Town Sanibel and beach chairs, visit the Chauffeur for free wagon wagons for free on your beach gear (behind seahorsecottages.com, only adult $ 265).Easily Messi (Miami, 2 hours and 45 minutes by car), Orlando (1-hour flight), New York (three hours flight)3. Kuluya, Oahu, HawaiiWinter months mean many copies of Oahu’s most popular beaches, which if you want to sit in the sand and admire the world-class surfers, but also very dangerous for swimming for the Son of Man.

The Kailua beach, however, is almost always cool and safe, it is ideal for everything from walking to small and soft swimming and kite surfing. When the water cools down, Kailua Beach Adventures fares a kayak and mokulua islands (kailuasailboards.com, rents starting at $ 59) miles or more rows. Conveniently, there are several shops in the city’s best Chávez rental shop after Kayak, leave your boat and enjoy an ice cream and delicious delights (islandsnow.com, ice shave from $ 3.50).

EAT: On the street at the beach, the main street house of Budge has been providing tropical drinks and meat and fish food for 55 years. Feelings kitsch tiki-bar part, part tropical luxury (top of any tank after 4:30 pm) (buzzsoriginalsteakhouse.com, tickets from $ 11).

Residence: Kailua and adjoining Lanike are mainly residential, so hotels and hotels are in between. Known viewers instead of choosing to rent a house, and luckily, there are plenty to choose from. You probably spend most of the time here on the beach, so stay away from the water.Easily Hiroliulu (20 minutes of the car), La (six hours flight), San Francisco (six hours flight).4.

Hanalei, Kwai, HawaiiKaiya has managed to stay away from the radar compared to other Hawaiian islands, and this makes it so attractive that Halili, on the north coast, can be the closest thing to the nearest museum: green mountains, dense fields, and rain lifts daily. Best beach for lounging over Hanalei Bay, null, swimming and golden sand, but if you want to leave the water, sign up for one of four hours ride with Rafa Nari Pali Riders. You will find the marine cave, snorkel and almost definitely dolphins (napaliriders.com, $ 160).

Then, Hanakapi’ai is dry with an increase along the trail, which follows the Hanakapiai beach and the pretty beautiful Pali coastline, approximately four miles around the total.EAT: You can not go to Hawaii without grilled lunch tasting: A local specialty made of rice, two spoonfuls of macaroni salad and your choice of protein (often Teriyaki chicken or seared Ahi). The locals are reluctant to talk about food Hanalei Taro & Ross Co.

, a family that has been served in Taro Farming of the Valley of the Generation (5-5070A Kuhio Hwy City, Lunch $ 10), served at a restaurant owned. Eat the fish directly from the ocean, at the Hanily Dolphin Sushi Lounge (Hanalodolphin.com).Stay: In the informal Hanalei there are four studio apartments, just one block from Hanalei Bay, outdoor terraces with full kitchens and grill, so you can save money to cook your stay meal during the time. In addition, the mountain overlooks the picnic table’s perfect place to have coffee in your morning ($ 159 to hanaleiinn.

com).Easily rescued: Honolulu (40 minutes flight), L.A.

(Six hours flight), San Francisco (six hours flight).5. Laguna Bech, CaliforniaDone accurately, this SoCal beach city may be down on the amazing world. Finally, its primary citizens did not have some interesting talents or housewives, but in the early twentieth century, artists like William Wyndt and Lalita Perine struggled.

The novel still plays an important role here, for the Laguna Art Museum, the gallery along the beach. And Laguna Playhouse. Still, the seven miles of the classic coast of California is a great attraction.

The beaches are filled during the summer, but in the winter they are surprisingly free from the public, especially on the 1,000-step sea beach, on the 9th street (the name is not afraid of you, there are only more than 230 steps and lead from some beaches) For perfect, and opinion, golden cliffs and multi-million dollar houses, with some lift, Pure SoCal is the Laguna Canyon organic, after the beach You can sample the award winning wines, red and white in a comfortable room, dimly drunk barrel (lagunacanyonwinery.com, tastings purchase bottles with half-mile drive along Laguna Canyon Road for free from $ 2).Eating: When watching the sun underwater under the horizon from the background of Sapphire Laguna, you will understand why their happy hours call “sunset hours”. A reduced version of the menu, its lunch, and dinner offer to include a selection of alcoholic, beer and specialty cocktails, as well as a fair sample of appetizers and main courses.

Be cautious with horse chips made from rosemary, sage and sea salt, they are so delicious working that you can easily organize them in a loop, even outside the actual sunset. Keep warm on a table near the fire in cool months (sapphirelaguna.com, $ 4 to snake, a ticket from $ 11).Stay with you: Spanish colonial architecture, green gardens and palm trees of land, Casa Lañuna Hotel and Spa South California Performance Each of the 23 rooms is designed with unique and vivid, Moroccan tiles and bright clothes. Start the day with complimentary breakfast, then only choose between the hot spots (casalaguna.com, starting from $ 179), hot pool, on-site spa or beach.

Easily SSC: L.A. (About 50 miles of car, car an hour), San Diego (73 miles, about 90 minutes by car), Chicago (four and half an hour flight).6. Great Isle, LouisianaIn winter, the barrier from the Bay of Louisiana is reduced to 1,600 permanent residents of the island’s population from the summer peak of 14,000. But the temperature is still warm enough for sunset, and you can do it without the crowd. Fishermen love this island because of the surrounding waters, 280 species of fish and large sheep in the Grand Isle of the Park are fishing for their cool water. Those who do not panic with the stumble in the Big Bank, they go to the beach.

While the 2010 oil spill lasted seven miles long this year, a stretched three-mile of golden sand off all beaches on this island was recently re-opened with a full deployment soon after the intensive cleaning efforts.Diet: What is the specialist of most of the Grand All? – Fresh fish, especially catfish and trout. So enjoy a Sandwich and Fish Po’Boys Taramach Restaurant (starfishmenu.

com, 3027 Hwy City 1, 985 / 787-2711, Sandwich from $ 5.25) as a local.Stay Cajun Tide Beach Resort, no fills, and no-frills is not beside the beach and fishermen supplies (cajuntidebeachresort.com, $ 50) with a live cleaning fishes, mosquito nets, and enough fires to prepare guest dinners for cajun tide beach resort.New Orleans Flight (109 miles of the car, nearly two hours), Baton Rouge (160 miles of the car about three hours), Chicago (three hours flight from New Orleans), Detroit (four and a half hours – A: easy to escape from New Orleans).

7. San Diego, CaliforniaSan Diego is a small town with big ambitions: the Gaslamp Quarter, which has been reworked with its shops and restaurants, feels the city, but the crashing waves of the nearby Pacific Ocean create an atmosphere that is common American beach city. However, the best way to see it is to hit the boardwalk.

At the Pacific Ocean, known for its extensive stretches of sand and perfect waves for surfing, rent a cheap rented beach cruise and travel to the South Mission Beach and travel a half-mile, all the local characters going all the way on the road: extraordinary costume skaters, holiday families Hippies’ from 60s and even a habit that always seems to make a look (cheap- rentals.com, renting $ 6 per hour) to random people.To eat Egg Kono, the huge breakfast Barito with sausage of the surf clubs and the fresh avocado, beside the beach it is the door outside and near the corner (konoscafe.com, is a rite such as San Diego, 704 Garnet Avenue, 858 / 483-1669, breakfast from $ 3.50 ).

Survive The festive fog sounds in the area … until you see furry carpets, wood-paneled walls, and sighing gates. Modern boxy glass room (from t23hotel.com $ 249) is a welcome separation from Tez Store furniture and a modern restaurant and the tower23, with the bar filled with neutral tones seen in the sea.Easily SSC: L.A.

(120 miles, about two hours by car), Phoenix (one hour flight), Seattle (two-and-a-half hours flight).8. ST Egypt Siemens, GeorgiaOne of the four islands that make up the Golden Islands of Georgia (the island is just a barrier to the coast), Saint Simmons is known for its covered oak trees, algae, historic monuments, white sand beaches and 99 hole centenarians are permitted on the island of Golf, but life here Unrealistic speed you want to stay away from everything with an engine. Instead, a sea beach cruiser bicycle passes along the road through Ocean Moss Surf Kong and crosses the road between King and Prince Beach, Planting, Lighthouse and Church of Christ, originally built in 1820, 14 miles of the route, and has many stops to compliment the scenery, so at least half a day ( 912 / 638-5225, rent $ 15)EAT: Owned by the same family for 30 years, Freddie’s seafood grill takes pride in generations to generation and generations of his friendly friends pass down here.

Except for some compulsory chicken and meat dishes, virtually everything in the menu is based on seafood. Choose what you choose, shrimp and semolina to be sure to start with an order, home specialty (crabdaddysgrill.com, starting from $ 17).Stay tuned: St. Simons a caucus is so valuable that village ins and pub were built around them; No tree was needed to be cut during the construction. This place is charming: the reception area is a restored 30-cabin, English pub is decorated with a large stone fireplace, and 28 rooms are named as a historical figure with significance on each island, as Sid Liner, poet, novelist and composer (Grinappop .com, $ 135).

Easily to escape: Savanna (84 miles, by car nearly two hours), Atlanta (282 miles, about five hours by car), Charleston, SC (193 miles, about four hours by car)9. Play Nandja, AlabamaMost people use different words, each with different ones, different ones, different ones, different ones, different ones. Alabama people believe that its beaches on the Gulf coast are the most beautiful in the country. Sand is 95% quartz, which means it is white in snow and sunlight and water is available in Florida as well as blue. Blue-mile Orange Beach needs your everything: lots of places to spread your beach blankets and restaurants by hot water, sand.

Dolphins love both of them on the dolphin cruise Cold Mill Fleet Guarantee on the ship (dolphincruises.com, 20 $ to 90 minutes tour).Feed: Gulf Shore Steamer is one of the rare distinctions of this part: a shellfish joint in the sea that is not all fry in the scene, people here do not play here.

On the contrary, fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, and tastes are gray or summer and always delicious (Glossshoresmart.com, initial $ 15).Accommodation: Beach Resort from Perdido The 346-room beachfront ($ 94 perdidobeachresort.com) is itself a community, four restaurants, an indoor/outdoor pool, tub and tennis court.Easy to Associate: Mobile, Ala (54 miles, about 90 minutes by car), Pensacola, Flow. (29 miles, about 1 hour by car), St. Louis (four hours flight on mobile).10.

Galveston, TexasThis access point is located in South Texas, smart travelers, the crowded East Beach and West Beach or the Galveston Island State Park, which is also more head-to-head (which is attacked in March for spring break). There are large expanses of sand that are perfect for trolling for both shells or sunbathing. Once out of the water, the historic Strand district, near Stroud Street, will have to make a stop demand between 25 and 11. The 1800’s building has been recently restored and is now home to many restaurants filled with restaurants, antique shops, and fine arts and photography.

The city is attracting families with swimming pools, swimming pools (schlitterbahn.com/gal, $ 26), which is a huge tub with 30,000 people and water slides for adults, swimming pools, swimming pools,To eat A few blocks from the coast to the Inland Postoffice street, where you can find authentic gumbo and a cold rice Little Dad’s gumbo bar (littledaddysgumbobar.com, 2105 Postoffice St., GAMO from $ 10.50), is also known as the best place to get found in the island of Gambo, or ceviche Corinth Rudi & Paco’s Latin Impact (rudyandpaco.com 2028 Postoffice St., ceviche $ 17).Accommodation: Seeing quay, the Shelter House house is 42 rooms old school is less than a 10-minute walk from a nautical atmosphere and city center (harborhousepier21.com, $ 102).Easy to escape: Houston (53 miles of the car is about one hour), Austin (212 miles of the car around four hours), Denver (two hours flight to Houston), Chicago (three-hour flight to Houston).