got somebody on yourside
Friendship is something very special, something essential for your inner
peace, for your self-confidence and for the comfort of your soul when
everything goes wrong.

When you have got a real friend, normally this is a person who shares your
opinions and interests, who is there to enrich your joy and reduce the
weight of your sorrow. A real, trustworthy fiend is somebody who is always
on your side, who protects you even when he knows you are not right. A
friend must be there to prevent you from mistakes when you are blinded and
bound to make some, he should show you the way when you seem to have lost
it. In your eyes this might look as a betrayal, but if he is honest and
sincere, then your friendship is for real.

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Nowadays true friends are so difficult to find. Egoism and meanness are
spread everywhere and kill people’s souls. If today you can say for sure”I
have at least one real friend who would come to me at 3 a.m. after my
calling that I have committed a murder”, then you are a lucky one. Because
friendship is all about sharing. It is like a flower that grows deep in
your heart and fills it up with aroma. It is not important how much time
you spend together, it is not even important what you do and if you keep
always in touch. It is enough when you meet them again to get the
impression that it was just yesterday when you last met. This is what I
call alliance of characters- everyday life disappears and what is left is
pure friendship- strong and unique, that connects your two souls and makes
you both feel that no matter what you will always have someone to rely on,
someone who might not always be by your side but who will always be on your