When the study had been conducted, the researcher found out that five ofthe students  of the section werechronically absent. Chronic absenteeism means that they were missing 10% ormore of the school days in school. The reasons for being absent were varied. The mos tgiven excuse wassickness, either that of the child or the parent/guardian who was supposed tobring him to school. The second reason was due to financial issues.

Otherreasons were transportation concerns, childcare issues, the child’sattitude/feeling about coming to school, etc.During the study, when the researcher started giving out rewards in theform of “Perfect Attendance” certificates to the students who have no record ofabsence or tardiness in a month, there had been a significant improvement inthe overall attendance of the whole class for that sections. Five of thestudents who were chronically absent/late before or those who usually had anaverage of 1-2 days absence/tardiness every week or two, have significantlyreduced their absenteeism and tardiness into an average of just once or maximumtwice a month, and those said absences/tardiness had noted valid excuses.

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Therest of the class either maintained their perfect attendance record or at best,had made the effort to have perfect attendance and did their best not to comelate in class. It has also been reported that the parents of the students whohave had received the said certificates were equally excited and encouraged.  Finding out the real reason behind the absenceor tardiness of a child in school and then communicating with the child’sparent/guardian also helped a lot in improving the child’s overall attendanceas well as performance in class. This approach enabled us to do interventionsthat were most appropriate for that individual student at that particular timeand situation because we had involved the child’s main support system. It hasalso been observed that those students who have better school attendance arethe ones who are also performing better academically in school.