Till today, Easton’s formulation of the systems theory remains an object of interest. It has played a heuristic role in the development of Systems Approach. Roger Scott has rightly remarked “Easton has exerted considerable influence upon the development of political science despite these (above) theoretical imperfections.” Easton’s model can be usefully operationalised for macro studies of the process of politics and comparative study of various political systems. It provides a good framework for the study of politics.

It can enable political researchers to place particular phenomena under investigation in its proper context and help to relate functions to one another in a systematic way. Easton’s model of political analysis has been also gainfully applied in the field of comparative politics. In the words of Oran R. Young “It is undoubtedly the most inclusive systems approach so far constructed, specifically for political analysis by a political scientist.” Eugene Meehan agrees with the above view of Young and observes that Easton has produced one of the few comprehensive attempts to lay the foundation for systems analysis in political science and provide a general functional theory of politics.

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