I am reminded of only one case when the then Illustrated Weekly of India wrote nasty things about the then chief minister of Orissa J.B. Patnaik but got away by publishing an apology. There is a full-fledged copyright law and there have been many cases for its infringement but generally they end up in out of court of settlement. Yes there is one area where the law of land is very strict and that is about the rights of working journalist which pertains to their wages and working conditions. Many employers break those laws but more often than not they have to pay compensations.

There is something called censorship but only cases like emergency. However the experience of 1975 emergency, no political party has thought or would dare to think of imposing emergency again in this country and particularly on the press. There is one exception and that is judiciary who is very sensitive towards its criticism and has hauled up many senior journalists asking them to apologies which they dutifully complied with.

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