It is also seen that most of the time Patients is not the key decision-makers in pharmaceutical selection, since physicians do not bear the cost consequences of their medication choice, they may be less price sensitive than their patients. In such a situation Cipla’s focus on only physicians to convince him from price factor to quality factor. 4. On the other side it is possible that an effect of marketing may be that it increases price sensitivity by providing information. But it may also increase brand loyalty, resulting in a lower sensitivity to prices. Relative Importance of Cost Factor to Build a Brand: FactorsImpact RatingCost factor1Dosage convenience2Company logo3Side effect profile4Product availability5Investments on input given6Inadequate response7Other8Above table depict about the relative importance of cost factor as compare to other factors.

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The analysis of the table concludes that defines the prescription trend and acceptance of the molecule or shift from one brand to another. Amongst all factors, the most important in our context is the cost factors that majority of Indian doctor’s stick to it and strategies and price revision from time to time of Pharmaceutical Companies, are commensurate to that. Here Company logo and dosage convenience has equal importance and Pharmaceutical Compa­nies. Has strong market image that helps them for further strengthening market activities.