Thus one thing Banerji has made clear is that nature and outlook of society keeps on changing, and society is being made by people living in it and outlook of society changes when the nature of behavior of people living in it change.

Kant has stated that education is an important development in an individual of all the perfections of which he is capable.

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Thus, it can be said that education results in an integrated, balanced and all-round development of an individual, which can help him in becoming a civilized and responsible member of the society. Education provides a man dynamic personality which provide him maturity and help him in becoming a more mature person.

From time to time, things keep on changing. It can be said that change is the law of nature. As the development take place in various areas, people feel needs of new things.

For instance, fundamental needs or requirements of primitive man were food, shelter and clothing. With the progress of the society, today, man’s needs have changed to a lot of extent- Into various biological, sociological and psychological aspects of life, one can easily categories these new developed needs.

Necessity is the mother of invention, because of which when man realized the need of new things, he also develop the means to get them fulfilled. Now the factor which is responsible for the development is nothing but the knowledge.

The reason today’s man is considered quite developed in comparison to primitive man is his knowledge. This knowledge is gained from the education.

It can be said that education helps in developing the overall personality of an individual. If it is said that education is an important tool to grow and develop the personality of an individually, it will not be wrong in any way.

Education not only helps in developing an individual, but indirectly it also help in developing the society as society is made up of human beings and it is with the growth and development of people living in that society will develop and grow.