It served as an important, unparalleled experiment having both deliberative organs and procedures. In political area, League system has the most ambitious Court of Law even established to settle the disputes among states and permanent staff internationally recruited with headquarters in Geneva. These League systems try to make simplify the decolonization process. This help in supervision of Mandatory system. This function was one of the important functions of League, which is adopted by League to deal with colonies taken over from Germany and Turkey after First World War. Under this mandatory system, these colonies were handed over for administration on behalf of League to certain imperialist power. The administering powers to protect local interest and rule according to framework set by League and also concept of international accountability of colonies by Mandate system.

The main responsibility for setting disputes was concurrently shared Assembly, on which all members are represented. All the organs of League are so sovereign had equal authority and could deal with threatened of international peace, competence of organization and maintenance of peace. There is also power is given to every member state right to Veto. In order to influence the old international conference at work, for the principle power could not force to comply with wishes of majority.

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All the decision needs unanimity which is effect that every member state has right to Veto. League of Nation have also make settlement of disputes by Permanent Court of International Justice, which enjoyed a stature derived from appointment by Council and Assembly of League acting jointly. The courts accepted the case referred by government and all the members were also agreed to subject their disputes to put before the permanent court of justice.

It also put efforts to together a skillful permanent staff to build up Secretariat which is laid down the functional principle which came to be known as “International Civil Service”. If Permanent Court of Justice found that dispute is not kind to be treated legally by tribunal and then it was submitted to council. League Council played an important role in handling the disputes and make serious efforts to make settlement. Firstly, Council makes some report on the facts of dispute and makes some recommendation of settlement of disputes.

During the period when council, cooling-off the disputes and make settlement, then members undertook not to resort to war and resort to war will be considered as attacked against all. The council could organized these actions and go beyond to supply armed forces to counter the aggressor. The council also allows armed forces to act against violator of the obligation of covenant. Both Human Rights and League of Nation organization are interrelated. The one of the principle of League of Nation is to maintain international peace and security and promote and protect the human rights. League system makes settlement of disputes by Permanent Court of International Justice.

The mandatory system of League brings the International accountability of colonies and it is one of the important functions devised by League Covenant. Another important role of League was the establishing the International Labor Organization. This organization was dedicated to work of improving living and working condition of workers throughout the world. The first session of ILO was held at Washington in October 1919.

It also conducted thousand of studies and holds the hundred of conference. League of Nation make protect the right of worker by adoption of convention for an eight-hour a day and 48 hour week, holiday with pay, sickness and old age insurance, freedom of association, forbidding night- work for women and their employment in mines, forbidding employment of children under fifteen years of age. So in such way, League of Nation promotes human right.