Companies sometimes want to reduce the number of brands that they market. This process is known as “Brand rationalization”, some companies tend to create more brands and prod­uct variations within a brand than Economies of scale would indicate.

Sometimes, they will create a specific service or product brand for each market that they target. In the case of product branding, this may be to gain retail shelf space-(and reduce the amount of shelf space allocated to competing brand). A company may decide to rationalize their portfolio of brands from time to time to gain production and marketing efficiency, or to rationalize a brand portfolio as part of corporate restructuring. A recurring challenge for brand managers is to build a consistent brand while keeping its massage fresh and relevant.

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An older brand identity may be misaligned to a redefined target market, a restated corporate vision.

Person Specification:

1, The ideal candidate will be a graduate with a marketing qualification. 2. Proven success in marketing gained ideally within an FMCG or retail environment. 3. Proven success in strategic marketing with a strong brand emphasis, 4, Experience of working within an international blue chip company.

Skills and Outlook:


Outstanding leadership qualities. 2. Strong strategic thinking and problem solving. 3. A self starter, with loads of initiative and follow through. 4. Customer focused and commercially agile, with ability to think and act quickly, in response to changing conditions. 5.

Authoritative and credible presentational style. 6. Innovative and creative. 7. Strong financial acumen with analytical ability. 8.

Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface collaboratively cross – func­tionally and relate both upwards and downwards within an organization and with sup­pliers, 9. Ambitious with a real desire to make a difference, 10. Open, honest and candid. 11. Strong personal integrity and accountability.