Since eternity there is a special power with Parmatma (God- Almighty) which is called Maya or Avidya. This Maya is neither true nor false. It is indescribable (Anivarchaniya).

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Brahma (Parmatma or God) creates the various worldly creatures (Prapanch) through this Maya (Advidya). Just as a juggler happens to create various animate and inanimate objects which are not actually true, similarly, Brahma creates through His Maya various things which are neither true (Sat) nor untrue (Asat). These various things are indescribable.

3. Therefore Brahma is the eminent cause (Upadan Karan) of this world (Jagat). Because of its relation with Maya Brahma is called Ishwar and all those things that are related with Maya are Jeeva. 4. The Jeeva (the animate being) forgets its relationship with God due to Maya (Ignorance) and comes under the influence of self-conceit.

Mind and senses consider the body itself as the real entities because of this ignorance and shortsightedness the Jeeva considers himself as the agent or doer or master (Karta). Then he does various things with the desire of the outcome (Sakarma) and accumulates pieties (Punya) and sins (Pap) and gets involved in the bondage of birth and death and reaps the consequences of the same. 5. When one (Atma) realizes the true relationship between himself and Parmatma (God) (after the removal of Maya- ignorance), his ‘self is mitigated and gets merged into God, i.e., he becomes one with Him (God); in other words, he realizes Him within himself.