It is the fact that a medical representative having pharmacy or science background has a little knowledge about various legal provision and acts applicable to them. And pharmaceu­tical companies always take a stand to abuse them to become un-united, as a result of it many of medical representative are having misconceptions about trade union. A decade ago Pharmaceutical Companies, had undertaken massive removal of field work­ers that were united and members of F.M.R.

A. The assumption was that they get sales growth directly through their customers by avoiding the role of medical representative. But the time has proved that they were wrong at their place and sale of the territory starts going down. Then later, once again after few years they have appointed medical representative. If however Pharmaceutical Companies, had not done such activities against field workers that they could have done better than today’s sales volume. On one side Cipla has spoiled their image in front of trade unions on the other side they has benefited with the excess and unnecessary pressure exerted by FMRA for demands.

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Therefore researcher suggest that Pharmaceutical Companies, should place a positive atti­tude towards trade union of medical representative as it has a active role in marketing at certain places and join the hands with F.M.R.A.

helps the company to solve grievances against field workers for the betterment of work culture.