The Central and The State govts, to consolidate their vote banks among the Muslims, pamper them endlessly, at times at the cost of the other communities.

Pakistan also has been a victim of Islamic terrorism. Pakistan had to storm the Lai Masjid in Islamabad, when the terrorists holed themselves up inside and threatened the state, It-was reminiscent of the June 1984 entry of the Indian army into the precincts of the Golden Temple. In Swat, 250 kms from Islamabad, the fundamentalists could only be dislocated after the army used helicopters and gunships in Nov.-Dec. 2007. The Muslims are increasingly being treated as a vote bank and pampered endlessly.

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Our secular Prime Minister has now come up with a brilliant idea that 15 per cent of the total budget should be kept apart for welfare of the minorities. The suggestion is risky and will divide the country further along communal lines. The SACHAR Committee with its half truths and imagined discrimination, has further alienated the Muslims. Nobody has made a serious study that the Muslims themselves are responsible for their backwardness, their family size, deprivation of girls from literacy and prejudice couple obscurantism, and disinclination to join the mainstream.

Jamiat, in gathering raised a few controversial issues including that of Bande Matram.