Extent and effectiveness of conservation actions underway for globally threatened birds are: (a) Level of implementation of 5,500 key actions proposed for 1,186 globally threatened birds in 2000 (Bird Life International, 2000), (b) Effect of actions implemented in benefiting species conservation status figure.

Global distribution of DD mapped amphibian is an approximation as most DD species occurrence is poorly known and does not include 90 DD species with unknown range. 97% of all threatened amphibians species need research actions but for only 90% species some actions are already taken.

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Global Amphibian Assessment revealed 99 amphibian species as adversely impacted by exploitation for international trade including 35 species that are globally threatened. Currently 36 of these species (16 of globally threatened species) are listed on CITES. Retaining viable populations in their native habitats is an essential conservation response for ensuring long term persistence of species.

Habitat and site based conservation actions are needed for 73% of all amphibian species, 88% of threatened amphibians, and 76% of threatened birds. Global Amphibian Assessment reported that some action is already in place for 65% of threatened amphibians.