2. Job Instruction Training:

This is training through step-by-step learning. Usually, steps necessary for a job are identified in order of sequence, and an employee is exposed to the different steps of a job by an experienced trainer.

3. Vestibule Training:

This method duplicates on-the-job situation away from actual worksite with machinery and equipment similar to those used in the actual production or operation and is used to help employees to acquire a new skill. Usually, training is given away from the production centre.

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Training Centre Training:

Such site trainings are given in the form of lectures, conferences, case studies, role playing and discussions.

5. Simulation:

Simulation again duplicates the actual condition encountered on a job. The vestibule training method and the business game method are the examples of business simulation.

6. Apprenticeship:

Such training is given for a longer duration to help the employees acquire skills in specific trade(s). A major part of this training is given on the job.