Deepening and widening of economic reforms to create a positive investment climate conducive to a dominant private sector role not only in production of goods and services but also in the setting-up and maintenance and operation of state-of-the-art infrastructure, capacity building in industry in order to make it internationally competitive, enforcing a level playing field with effective and transparent rules of fair play, augmentation of financial resources and efficiency enhancing policy instruments are the important ingredients of this strategy, The following new initiatives are being taken up in the Tenth Plan: i.

Apparel Parks. ii. Technology Up gradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) in Textile sector iii. Assistance to states for development of export infrastructure and allied activities iv.

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Market Access Initiatives v. Research and development in the automotive industry. vi. Industrial Cluster Research and Development support Fund. vii.

Agri Export zones. viii. Leather Industry Development Programme. The progress of Indian industry in the present decade would be positive with that of the government in creating truly competitive, hassle free and investor attractive policy, environment backed up by world-class infrastructure on ground.

With these conditions fructifying the doubling of per capita income over the next decade would undoubtedly, be a target easily achievable.