Only that person is regarded as educated who is very well rooted in the social ideals of society. Family, school and State are different types of social institutions and all these leave undeniable imprints on the development of the child.

The child learns many things unconsciously according to his environment. So those responsible for the development of the child must try to organize the environment in such a manner that it does not adversely affect the child’s development. Really speaking, it is our duty to make the child social. But the process of his socialization should be such that he experiences no difficulty in the same. In some social system the State shoulders the entire responsibility of the growth of the child.

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This situation is particularly true of a communistic state. In a democratic set-up everyone tries to fulfill his duties regarding the child. In a democracy the various units of the society arrange for education of the child in their own particular spheres. But these units are responsible to the State for education of the child. In other words, in a way, even in a democracy the state undertakes the responsibility of child’s education, but at the same time the society also cannot free itself from the same.