Thus the teacher helps him to see that his present experiences are elementary and superficial in comparison to those which are awaiting his further explorations. The teacher gives him the idea that in the beginning there might be disappointments, but by proceeding on with confidence and faith, new lights will come bringing penetrating insights for the solution of the problem at hand. As referred to above, the idealist teacher does not rely on straight lecture methods. He relies more on a discussion method, taking full account of diverging points of view as expressed by various students. He inspires the students to enter into the subject objectively, but with personal views. The students are thus helped to expand, criticize and defend their own formulations. They choose their own final answers and compare the worth of the same with other existing ones.

Thus they are in the know of the direction they are following. They are always on the move. Their point of view may coincide with those of the teacher or of others, but in any case they do realize that they are always progressing and that the first solutions that they found in the beginning were not the last word on the subject. Thus the students get the faith that there is no end to the growth of their “selves”, and that they can always be growing In his method the idealist teacher wants to use such books which are great in themselves, because he believes that with the help of such books he can draw the students away from the ordinary biological and social reactions which start and terminate at the empirical level. The purpose of the idealist method of teaching is to lead the teacher and students to more creative insights in order to reach their transcendental levels. By the method thus used both the teacher and the student travel from the merely temporal to the eternal domain from where they may derive values which may shed light on the temporal domain as well.

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