In agricultural technology would make the use of chemical fertilizers completely redundant or going to the extreme, culturing a human being of the desired trait on a medium of nutrients i.e., man made to order. The scope is fantastic; possibilities are immense; it is as if the role of creator has been for once given to human beings. Well this is genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technology, the most powerful biological technique which the human beings can use either to make or mar the society. It can be used either for progress or for destruction.

Using the techniques of genetic engineering you can create deadly pathogenic bacteria and unleash them on human beings; you can produce varieties of agricultural crops which are disease free or you can introduce pathogens into the crops and totally destroy them. Genetic engineering used judiciously can be a harbinger of new revolution but used injudiciously may produce many prototype of criminals, antisocial elements, boot legers etc. Genetic engineering may be defined as the method of artificial synthesis of new genes and their subsequent transplantation in the new genome of an organism, by molecular biological techniques Recombinant. DNA is achieved by constructing molecules outside the living cells by joining natural or synthetic DNA molecules that can replicate inside a living cell. Recombinant DNA technology involves several stages or steps.

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The main aspects of genetic engineering (gene cloning) are the following: 1. Identification and isolation of the gene to be cloned. 2. Insertion on the gene into another piece of DNA called vector which will allow it to be taken up by microorganisms like bacteria and replicate within them as the cells divide. 3.

Transfer of the recombinant vectors into bacterial cells. 4. Selection of those cells which have the desired recombinant vectors. 5.

Growth of the microorganisms to get increased quantity of cloned DNA. 6. Expression of the desired gene to obtain the desired product.