However, the state control over education should also exist for ensuring the minimum education to all and to promote researches and inventions in the fields of arts and sciences. But whatever educational plan the state thinks to introduce must be approved by experts and who must be free to offer suggestions for reforms and in no way they should be coerced to advocate a particular plan according to the government regime. In a democracy the people must shoulder the responsibility of education of their children, but the state, too, must co-operate and give the needed assistance for ensuring compulsory education for children at least up to the secondary stage.

Attention on intellectual development:

For the intellectual development of citizens it is necessary that secondary education is made compulsory for all as we have already stated above.

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Artists and literary persons should be given adequate protection by the state. The state should organize conferences and exhibitions in which specialists should be accorded due honor. The state should institute special rewards and prizes for honoring great artists and literacy figures in various fields. The people should feel free to express their ideas on platforms and through press. Newspapers, magazines, cinema, television and radio should be made free to contribute towards cultural development of the people.

The State must see that these media are used for the benefit and advancement of the people and not for strengthening the grip of a particular political party in power. Unless such a precaution is taken, the cultural development of the people will not be ensured.

State not to favor any particular religion:

The State must not patronize any particular religion. Everyone should feel free to follow any religion according to his faith and belief.

The state must not interfere with the freedom of any person who seeks his spiritual advancement through any reasonable means. In fact, the state will only fulfill its great educational responsibility if it makes all citizens free to follow their own particular faiths.