Due facilities will be made available for the advancement of all individuals irrespective of caste, colour, creed and sex, rich and poor, high and low, dull and brilliant.

In all the educational endeavors the accent will be also social rather than only individualistic. This will imply more emphasis on the study of social studies, such as, sociology, politics and economics. Ethics will be included in the curriculum in order to help the youth to imbibe broad Humanist attitudes which will imply loyalty to the social group and to mankind. The teaching of science and scientific method will be greatly emphasized. The students will be taught to learn how to think rather than to memories individual facts. There will be no opposition between science and the humanities. Both will receive due attention without excluding any. In the Humanist educational programme an attempt will be made to spread in the people a fundamental awareness of literature and art so that they may be able to appreciate and imbibe the good and beautiful in life.

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This will not mean lowering the standard of literature and art, but of raising the cultural standard of the people to unprecedented levels thus there will be a vast extension of institutional facilities from the primary education stage to the adult level. The administration of all types of schools, colleges and other educational institutions will be governed according to democratic principles. There will be academic freedom to all.

Teachers and students will be free to establish and join organizations of their choice. There will be freedom of thought in all educational institutions. In the literary, artistic and intellectual fields, no undue pressure and penalties, fears and conventions will be imposed because they are likely to cripple or kill freedom of thought, opinion and creation.