The Meaning of Existence to existentialism-, the existence of the individual does not mean only ‘his being alive’. It stands for the full, responsible and progressive life of the individual in the ever-developing industrial society.

Onwards we are elaborating its meaning further.

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1. Emphasis on Self-realization:

The individual should be very much conscious about his self-respect.

He should try hard to maintain it at any cost the individual must always be given all opportunities for self-expression. He should be a master of material achievements and not their slave. This will be possible only when he gets opportunities? For self experience.

2. Emphasis on freedom and individual responsibility:

According to existentialism individual interests and individual judgment are of great importance. This depends on a free environment for the individual. Modern industrialization has finished individual freedom. The individual is deprived of the realities of life and individual responsibilities.

He must be given individual freedom in order that he may develop his individual interests and exercise his own judgment.

3. Attention on human weakness and insecurity:

Existentialism wants to attract the attention of the world on the weakness and insecurity of man. In this scientific life of today, the individual is leading a life full of worries, frustrations, tensions, fear and sense of guilt. His individuality is getting continually blunted. If this situation is not arrested, the development of human civilization will be stopped. Therefore, for the security of individuality, the individual should be given an environment free of worries, anxieties, frustrations and tensions.