He will regard knowledge as one and universal. To him it knows no bounds of colour, race and religion. Therefore, the realist teacher would not like to call French or German mathematics. The realist teacher tries to present the knowledge of the subject- matter before the pupil in such a way as to make himself one with it. He himself becomes the voice of chemistry and mathematics and speaks in the class-room to ears which are eager to receive it. He stands for truth.

He has great reverence for facts. Therefore, while presenting the voice of a subject he keeps his personality away from it, that is, he does not express his personal likings or disliking for particular points. The realist teacher desires to make discoveries in his chosen field and tries to communicate the same to his pupils in an impersonal way. But the realist teacher realizes that it is not his business to be engrossed in making discoveries, because if he communicates what he has discovered, he becomes partly personal, and he cannot let facts speak for themselves. The realist teacher realizes that information cannot be given to students with the expectation that it will be equally intelligible to all. So he must study child psychology and adolescent psychology and must be able to adapt the material according to the living interests of his pupils, so in order to be a successful teacher, even on realist lines, he must humanize his science; otherwise, if the subject is left to itself, it may mean one thing to one student and another to another. Thus the realist teacher has to go against his own realism. He must understand how much and what aspect of a material would be intelligible to the pupils according to their natural subjective bias.

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Hence he must make the necessary adaptations in order to make the material intelligible to the pupils. No doubt, the material to be presented has to be objective, but it must be presented in a subjective manner, otherwise there would be some pupils in the class to whom the whole process might appear as boring and useless; whereas some may misunderstand the whole thing presented. Thus as a realist, the realist teacher is expected, ‘to sink his personality in objectivity’ while making scientific discoveries in his chosen field; and as a teacher he is called upon to devote his attention in catering to the subjective aspects of his pupils. The realist teacher must be able to help his pupils in making coteries, because it is by making their own discoveries that they can learn to stand on their own feet and proceed further on the path by themselves. Thus die realist teacher appears to be in a paradoxical position. At first, he is expected to make his own discoveries it means he has to sacrifice his personal research. The realist teacher is in a real difficult and there appears to be no easy way out.