But the question arises as to what should be the nature of a national educational system. What should be the special characteristics of this national system? Generally, in a national system of education the interests of all the sections of the people are ensuring. In this system every child, adult and old person is given an opportunity for development and necessary arrangements are made for primary, secondary and university education for the benefit of all concerned. Besides, the impact of the cultural and philosophical traditions and characteristics and national units and values should also be clearly visible in the same. The national system of education/ should be in relation with the actual life of the people in order that after being educated an individual may stand on his own legs.

National unity and group ideal should be the basis of national system of education. It is very necessary to start such a national system of education in our country. It must be remembered that the national system of education should be planned in the interest of each citizen and not for fulfilling the selfish ends of some politicians.

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In a national system due co­operation of all should be automatically be there and in no way it should be an imposition on the people. The family and the school are important agencies of education. If these two agencies neglect education of children, the state should promulgate some such laws which may force them to fulfill their basic duties with regard to education. Today each country of the world is seen spending the major portion of its income towards its defense purposes. Most of the countries are trying to strengthen their field, navy and air forces.

It is necessary to meet the needs of defense force for protection of the country. But no nation can remain safe and strong on the basis of its military powers alone. For protection, citizens must have moral courage which depends on the prosperity, all-round development and happiness of the people. Ensuring this situation depends upon education. If this ideal is successfully achieved each citizen will gladly sacrifice himself for the cause of his nation.

Therefore, it will be fatal to neglect education of the people. No democratic system can be protected on the basis of military powers alone. In fact, for protection of democracy, ignorance and superstitions must be wiped off from the people, and this is possible only through education.

Military training in higher educational institutions:

It is a duty of the state to arrange for military training in higher educational institutions. But for this type of training efforts should be made from the school stage. There should be facilities for all types of games and sports in each school.

Due care should be taken for good physical development of children. For this nourishing diet should be provided to children in schools. It is a duty of the state to give the necessary facilities to all children.

The State may run some military schools and colleges in which grown-up students will be trained in various types of military skills.

Physical training for physical development:

The suite should make provision for physical training of school children in order to ensure their good physical development. If the family, school and society are not careful about the physical development of children, the suite should make them conscious about it. Besides, the state should also ensure adequate supply of clean drinking water, fresh air, light and balanced diet for all school children, because without these provisions, the physical training given to them will be of no value.

Arrangement for vocational education:

Arranging for vocational education will not be easy for private educational institutions, because it entails huge expenditure.

Hence the suite should see that each citizen gets some vocational education according to his interests and aptitudes. In due course, this type of education will be an insurance against unemployment, because then each person will be able to stand on his own legs for making a decent living.