So it should be a duty of religious institutions to impress on the children that physical health is only a tool for the fulfillment of the ultimate purposes of religion. Being engrossed in spiritual attainments, when we ignore the basic necessities of life, we are unable to meet our daily needs and ultimately it leads to poverty and decay of the people. Our present plight in India is a result of over emphasis on the spiritual to the utter neglect of required efforts for material advancement. So our religious institutions should try to develop an all round outlook on life in order that children may choose their own path according to their individual aptitudes.

Religious institutions must not think that the development of the power of free thinking, and reasoning will make them antagonistic to religion. Only that religious feeling is permanent which is based on real knowledge. Therefore religious institutions should develop intellectual virtues and should protect children from superstitions. We cannot ignore the place of aesthetic feelings in life.

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It is important even from the spiritual viewpoint. The beautiful statues and pictures found in temples and in some churches testify this point. The words of Tulsi, Surdas and Meera also support this contention. Therefore religious institution, should also strive for promoting aesthetic sense. If this is done, the children will always think of that which is beautiful.

The present condition of our country points towards the ball of our character and morality. Excepting a few, the majority is proceeding towards mundane gains by fair or foul means. Thanks to the ensuring of vote banks and other coveted facilities of life. If we rise a little above our own selfish ends, we shall easily get the solution. In our moral development religious institutions can play a crucial role. In no way, any religions institution should try to convert any person towards its own particular faith. In fact, its efforts should be towards physical, mental, moral and spiritual development of all individuals. If they succeed in this goal, they will be fulfilling a great educational duty.