Thus each social institution in same way or other will act as a centre of education.

Then in the general life of the individual the process of education will ever be on. The society establishes the school in order to ensure the mental development of the child. Similarly, the society should be careful about the other sides of child development. It should open gymnasium, and provide playgrounds, parks, garden, and hospitals. The society must see that adequate provisions are made for distributing pure milk and other food articles and necessities of life at reasonable rates to all such a provision is not to be for children alone but for all—adult, old, men and women irrespective of their vocations.

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The society should make arrangements for vocational education of children. If this is done everyone will be able to earn his living and the problem of unemployment will be solved in due course. The society should see that everyone is permitted to enjoy freedom of speech. Any idea or doctrine must not be imposed on anyone. Everyone should be made free to follow his own ideals of life as long as he does not interfere with the rights of others. For encouraging freedom of speech, reading rooms, libraries, radio and T.V. sets should be provided in order that people may become well informed about the various national and international happenings suitable arrangement should also be made by society for adult education.

In fact, to educate the huge illiterate masses is a sacred educational duty of the society in our country. The society should also look after the moral development of its citizens. It is on morality alone that the permanence of society exists. So attempts should be made for the maintenance of discipline in society. Fostering of liberal attitude and spirit of co-operation, tolerance, dutifulness, politeness and patience are necessary for moral development of the society.

Black-marketing and dishonesty on the part of some shopkeepers and businessmen prevail only when the society tolerates it. The state laws cannot eradicate these evils unless the society also comes forward and takes suitable measures to stop these vicious practices so it is the responsibility of society to maintain a moral environment. If the society is able to perform these duties the individual will automatically get education for developing good character. The society must keep its ideals very high in order that it may not fall. High ideals of society ensure honesty, dignity of labour, self- respect, and self-reliance in its citizens. It is the duty of society to promote aesthetic senses in children. This may be possible through education in fine arts, painting, vocal music and dancing.

If an individual forms the habit of being aesthetic in all his activities, then he will not tolerate any filth in his home, village and society. Thus a healthy environment will be maintained in society and all will be happy. Regarding religion, the society has a special duty.

It must see that every citizen feels free to practice his faith without interfering with others’ beliefs. The society must teach its citizens that all religions are equal and based on love, sympathy and compassion. There should be no strafes and dissensions in the name of religion.