These difficulties must be removed if religions education is to have any meaning. Religious experience and awakening is a matter of heart and it cannot be imposed on anyone.

So the whole atmosphere of the school should be so engineered as to lead the children to experience some religious feelings. Religious sermons and precepts must not be given any place in religious education. The responsibility of imparting religious knowledge should not fall only on a particular teacher appointed for the purpose. In fact, it should be the duty of all the teachers to build up a religious atmosphere in the school. This will be possible only if all the teachers behave according to the religious and human ideals professed through religious education. Then the children will be automatically encouraged to follow the same in their own actual life situations.

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It must be seen that intolerance, blind belief, jealousy and narrow attitudes are banished from the minds of children. The children should be made free to indulge in scientific discussions and reasoning’s in matters pertaining to religion. Only then they will be able to imbibe a scientific outlook to look at things in an acceptable manner. If religious institutions start giving emphasis on all-round development of individuals as other agencies of education do, many of our above mentioned difficulties will be removed.

In fact, the spiritual development of an individual is only a result of his all-round development. So for the purpose of education we have to regard religious institutions also as agencies of education for this we shall have to accept some educational duties for religion.