ii.Improves cardio-vascular system; iii.Improves Muscular system; iv.

Improves Digestive system; v. Improves Endocrine system 2. Psychological benefits of yoga:Yoga helps in developing or improving human behaviour. Yoga produces psychological benefits for humans; it leads to the understanding and improvements of many psychological aspects.

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i. Positive attitude:

Yoga develops positive thoughts and feelings in an individual.

Meditation and concentration helps in gaining positive attitude.

ii. Overcome aggression:

Individual through meditative and concentrative practices develop the skills to overcome aggression and anger.

Yoga helps in reducing and controlling aggression in order to work efficiently and perform well.

iii. Develop Intelligence:

Yoga practice increases mental capacity and develop intelligence.

Intelligence involves awareness reasoning power and rational thinking. Yoga assists in the uplifting mental capacity and intelligence level.

iv. Motivation:

Benefits of yoga and improved personality with balanced mental status individual develop motivation. Yoga energizes an individual to perform well and be motivated.

v. Overcome Anxiety:

Yoga controls the disturbed state of mind and efficiently assist in overcoming anxiety or nervousness.


Increases Attention and concentration:

With the balanced status of mind and relatives yoga practiced individual able to pay more attention and concentration on desired work.

vii. Controlled Emotions:

Yoga practice help in developing balanced emotions in human behaviour. It assists in controlling the emotions and acts what is right and good for the society.

Asana and Meditative yoga helps in understanding between good and bad, and brings emotional stability.

vii. Provide relaxation and overcome stresses:

Yogi exercises assists in overcoming stresses through his reparative and comfortable feelings. In this competitive world yoga plays important role and best medicine to get relaxation and overcome stresses.

3. Social health:Yoga develops a sense of responsibility and duty to behave good with other individuals. It is nothing strange to say yoga uplifts social health. Yoga through bringing the sense of cooperation, responsibility, peace and harmony, friendship and helpfulness creates a healthy environment and proceed for social development and upliftment of humanity. 4. Better learning and increased performance:Yoga provides us various physiological, psychological and social benefits that provide us opportunity to learn benefits that provide us opportunity to learn good and perform better. 5. Good Body posture:Yog Asanas provide ample strength to body muscles and develops good neuron muscular coordination that ultimately helps us in maintaining good body posture.

6. Increase beauty or good appearance:Yogic exercises have its effects on skin, eyes, hairs, teeth and gums, which increases an individual’s appearance. Yoga provide healthy and beautiful look through its various positive effects on inner and outer body. 7. Relaxation or Freedom from diseases:Yoga helps in overcome almost every disease that exists.

In the stressful environment people usually suffers from minor disorders like headaches, back aches, body aches, allergies, insomnia etc. Yoga through it various kind of practices provide opportunities to overcome such disorders. 8. Knowledge and awareness:Yoga provides us wide knowledge and understanding of self/ Realization and self/ improvement. Yoga provides ample knowledge of body- positioning with coordinative breathing. Yoga brings awareness in performances and teaches the skills of active living. Yoga is said to a science as well as an art.

Wide knowledge and experiences exists with yoga practices. 9. Yoga can be performed any where:Yoga does not specifically require any special area to practice. Though it is preferred to yoga on ground or floor over mates. But if time or area does not permit this, it can be performing on bed, chair, or even while standing. Yoga can be practiced in work places or while travelling. There are only specified yoga asanas that required performing in relation to time (like not before or after meal), but most of the yoga can be practiced at any time.

This importance of yoga is really valuable at present busy schedule working days.