Western Colonialism is when Europe takes over another country with their power. This happened in Asia and is still happening today. In Vietnam, colonialism affected their ways of living. A main problem in Vietnam is that Christians are being kicked out of the country for their beliefs. An underlying factor to this is that Vietnam is a communist country.

South Korea has growing tension with North Korea because of the Korean War. These are some aspects that can affect the thought Europeans to Asian countries. Colonialism makes major impacts on countries and can affect the way they live. The Vietnam War and the French were staples as to why Vietnam is a communist country today. The Vietnam War was one of the longest most impacting wars for the U.

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S. Before the war, when the French were defeated, Vietnam split into the North and South. One side (the North) was communist and the South were anti communist. The french tried to gain imperial control over Vietnam.

After the war, Viet Minh who led the communist and anti-French movement gained control. When an uprising between France and Viet Minh broke out, the Indochina war began. Although France was defeated, there were later problems relating to communism. Because the president Ngo Dinh Diem did not want to go to the Geneva Accord, South Vietnam had a problem with this. Northern Communists later joined the South and fought Viet Cong.

The United States agreed with Vietnam’s containment policy meaning the were in favor of spreading communism. They sent Vietnam tools and troops to help them out. Later on, the North and South were reunited as the Social Republic of Vietnam. Even though this may have been solved at the time, (no more conflict between China and Vietnam) later years affected the Communist country. Just in 2016, Tran Dai Quang was elected president and he is a communist. This means that him and the new prime minister are making Vietnam a one sided communist country for even longer. This is how colonial war can make a series of impacts to one country.

Another country that was impacted by colonialism or even by a war is South Korea. During the war, North Korea invaded South Korea which caused a three year war. Once again, the United States sent in troops to help South Korea. China was worried that the war would enter their country so they sent troops to help North Korea out. The war eventually ended in agreement even though no peace treaty was signed. After the war ended, there was still tension between both countries.

A policy was made to ease the tension between North and South Korea. This worked for a while until North Korea fired on a small island in the Yellow Sea. North Korea threatened to destroy South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

This tension from the colonial war is still present today. In 2015, two South Korean soldiers were injured and they blamed this on North Korea, causing more tension and conflict.