We live in such a universe where life is very fast. As theliving standards changes quite dramatically during the last two decades thatfades the true beauty of life. As we don’t have much time to focus on ourhealth as we should be. But this is never the case so far. I think most of thepeople would agree me on such dilemma.

 That’s why there is a rapid increase in the disease also no surprise asthe ratio getting susceptible to toxic is mounting quite exaggeratedly i.e. ouratmosphere which is full of toxic containing polluted air due to the waste ofchemical factories, bacterial water, our food and so many things that are justhearting our universe quite badly over and below the earth.There is an increasing list of such toxic but the actual pointof our living healthy is still a big question mark. I think there exist twooptions one that is besides of hiding yourself from the toxic environment youshould cover up yourself in a fully natural environment where there is cleanenvironment.

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The main thing about the detoxification which is quite high wherethere are no of options available to strengthen and protect our body from thetoxic over a long period of timeA person cannot survive without a liver. One can say thatwithout liver man is nothing. If liver is not working properly then the otherpart of your body could not work in predefined order.

The other part of yourbody will be affected heavily that resulted in the increase of your bely fat,heart problem.  The following listcontains the major characteristics of liver i.e.

     Purifying the blood to exonerate of toxic ingredients (likecontaminants, medicines, liquor and many more)    Stores vitamins and Iron      Converts stored sugar to usable sugar when the body’s sugarlevels fall below normal      Produces bile, a substance needed to digest fats    Breaks down hemoglobin as well as insulin and other hormones    Destroys old red blood cellsThese are some features of liver