We tend to start it to take preventive measures before a particular area suffers from drought. This is done by analysing the information that we collect through our device.

The information collected embody the climatic amendments over a part within the past few years and the change in ground water levels in the present  years. Wireless level sensors are used to determine the ground water level in the well. The datas is processed by Arduino based machine learning algorithm. With the result, we are able to predict whether the area will be tormented by drought or not.

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During dry and hot clime periods, Nowadays its comman to find dry and splintered earth surface even without single shed of water.Water in the lakes, rivers and rivulet are running out of water. Well, these are the typical earth conditions that define drought in layman terms. Drought canbe defined  precipitation shortage for long periods, normally for a season or more  than of that resulting in water deficiency for some human activities or environmental sustainability.

Human activities such as farming, irrigation, or domestic uses of water are normally highly impacted during droughts.    The distribution of water all over the earth was not even. Some places have lot amount of fresh water (rivers, lakes,lagoons, ponds etc.

) and are continuously replenished by rainfall, runoffs and water from underground. Others places too are known to have very little water. Droughts may not be an issue just because there is less or no precipitation. However, it becomes an problem when it begins to affect water supply for irrigation, municipal, industrial, energy, and ecosystem function. People often do not see droughts as natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes or floods, because they do not have the usual immediate destructive ability, but they can be very catastrophic in the long run. Server droughts can have very serious consequences.