The term ‘Education’ is described as a process in which and by which knowledge, character and behaviour of the individuals are understood and shaped. It is a systematic instruction for any particular task. Education is basically a preparation for life. Education is a training to learn and to apply that learning in real life.

Education is not confined to any particular place. It is ‘ever on’ process. Education is a doing phenomenon also. Education can exist anywhere and anytime. Same applied for Physical Education as well; a well planned and prepared process in physical education leads to healthful living. Definition of Physical Education:Acceptance of any particular definition depends upon the thinking of that particular physical Educator. One definition of physical Education may not be enough to explain the discipline completely.

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It also means different things to different people. Apart from the wide concept of physical education the problem lies upon the misunderstanding of this discipline. In General words it is said that physical Education is whatever physical Educators do.

Therefore the acceptance or non- acceptance of any particular definition lies on the ideas of Evaluators. Throughout the History, Physical Education has been misunderstood. More often it has been confused with physical training, Games, play etc. But as we go deep into this discipline, we find that physical Education is must more than merely these terminologies.

Different physical Educationists have given different definitions. Definitions of some reckoning physical Educationists are given below:- “Physical Education is that phase of the whole field of education that deals with big muscles activity and their related responses.” “Physical Education is an integral part of total Education process is a field of endeavourer, which has its aim. The development of physically, Mentally, Emotionally and socially fit citizen through the Medium of physical activities, which has been re-elected with a view to realizing these outcomes.” “Physical Education is the accumulation of wholesome experiences through participation in large muscles activities that promote optimum growth and development.

” “Physical Education is the sum of changes in the individual caused by experiences involving in motor activity.” “Physical Education is a way of Education through Motor activities and related experiences and its subject matter is primarily related with the ways of behaving.” “Physical Education is a way of education through physical activities which are selected and carried on with full regard to values in human growth, development and behaviour.” “Physical Education is the accumulation of wholesome experiences through participation in large muscle activities that promote optimum growth and development.” “Physical Education is an indispensable part of all health programmes. Its various activities should be so planned as to develop the physical and mental health of the students, cultivate recreational interest and skills, and promote the spirit of team work, sportsmanship and respect for others, Physical Education is therefore, must more than drill or a series of regulated exercise.

It includes all forms of physical activities and games, which promote the development of the body and the mind.’ “Physical Education is that part of education which has to do with the development and training of the whole individual through physical activities.” “Physical Education is the sum of those experiences which come to the individual through movement.” “Physical Education is the social process of change in the behavior of the human organism, Originating primarily from the stimulus of social- big muscle- play and related activities. “Physical Education is that part of the general education programme which is concerned with the growth, development and education of children through the medium of big-muscle activities. It is education of the whole child by means of physical activities.

Physical activities are the tools. They are so selected and conducted as to influence every aspect of child’s life physically, mentally, emotionally and morally.”