0 INTRODUCTIONIn today’s extremely competitive market, it’s important for businesses to innovate new structure to streamline their supply chain and modify productivity. With the help of the modern technologies, you can create an improved profile inside your supply chain, which will let you to have more power over your enterprise and stay in the lead of the competition. Technology can help to change your supply chain management, which will enable your business to function more efficiently, give you more visibility and power over your stock, and help to cut down your operational costs. In addition, via a more stabilized and efficient supply chain, you can largely improve customer satisfaction and possession. With the help of modern technologies and Internet-based software program, you can modify the supply process and dramatically decrease shipping mistakes or errors.

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Software programs like Flash View allows understanding business proprietor to merge all features of their supply chain in same place. The software program will allow you to digitally manage inventory data, monitor and manage shipping and tracking information, and make electronic invoices with simplicity. Through the activity of supply chain management technologies, you can largely cut down the time spent in shipping, receiving, tracking, and assembling order data, which will save your company’s both time and money.The increasing power and capacity of machines in the digital supply network may portend a change in what organizations ask of their workers, in terms of necessary skills, tasks, and roles. In the upcoming years, possibly sooner than later, nearly all work will likely involve people working alongside technology or robots they are not presently working with today. The addition of modern technology to a workplace can spur the fear of robots replacing human workers. For certain, the introduction of advanced technologies could get rid of some jobs and cut down the need for some functions.

 The possibly larger and more urgent challenge could be to reconsideration  role of the workforce in the digital supply system and how workers could be increased by a range of robotics and cognitive technologies.