ii. Not more than 20 members to represent the Union Territories. iii. Not more than 2 members to be nominated from the Anglo-Indian community by the President, if the latter is of the opinion that they are not adequately represented in the house. The total strength of the house cannot exceed 552.

At present it consists of 545 members due to delimitation of constituencies so as to ensure that “the ratio between the number of seats and the population of any state is, as far as possible, same for all states.”

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The term of Lok Sabha is of 5 years from the date appointed for its first meeting. It may be dissolved before the expiration of its full term by the President if the government loses the confidence of the Lower House and there are no other alternative to form the government. The term of Lok Sabha can be extended (not necessarily). When a proclamation of emergency is in force, for a period not exceeding one year at a time and not exceeding a period of six months after the proclamation of Emergency cease to operate


To be a member of the Lok Sabha a person should be i. an Indian Citizen ii. Completed 25 years of age


A member of the Lok Sabha can be disqualified if the person i. holds any office of profit under the Govern­ment of India or the State.


The Lok Sabha is to meet at least twice a year and the interval between two consecutive sessions shall be less than 6 months. A special session of the Lok Sabha can be called if a notice in writing signed by not less than one- tenth of members of the Lok Sabha is given to the Speaker. When such a notice is given to the President he must summon the session within 14 days.


The Speaker is the presiding officer of the Lok Sabha who is elected from amongst the members by a simple majority. His office is an office of much dignity, honour and prestige.


Governed by Article 93. Under the influence of convention that has developed in India, a candidate of the ruling party is elected unopposed to the post of speaker of Lok Sabha.


Article 94.

A speaker can be removed only by a resolution passed by effective majority after 14 days notice of moving of such a resolution has been given.