A change in values of a society always produces a change in the elite structure. Further, elites in the modern times have to “assume a broader complexion to include not only those who are at the top but also those who constitute the strata of society from which leaders usually emerge.” The nature of elites of contemporary times is very different from the nature of elites in the past. Likewise, the future elites are bound to be different from the present elites. Moreover, the membership of elite is always in flux. The top leaders of an elite are, usually, in a position to remain in power only for a limited period.

New members continuously keep on replacing the old members. The ‘circulation of the elite’ is a continuous phenomenon. Within every elite group there is always present an inherent struggle for power and leadership. This fact as well as the existence of counter elites in the social system are together responsible for keeping dynamic the nature, leadership and activities of the elite.

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