The marketing executive/ management trainee (medical representative) forms the bottom of organizational levels that is having maximum reach up to the customer.

An increased level of organizational hierarchy leads to complica­tions in message transfer and increases the overall expenses. In our context, the most impor­tant functional area is marketing manager leading four zonal managers located at four geo­graphical zones as East, West, South, and North. For in-depth analysis of managerial goal the most important for the sake of study is the West zone carries whole of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. All regional managers located at Mumbai responsible for each specialty divisions as Cardiac, Asthma, Super specialty (Supracare) and Lifecare divisions. District manager reporting to regional manager located at all district in Maharashtra that supervises and conducts field training to marketing executives and management trainee. Therefore Pharmaceutical Companies promotes decentralization in their organization hier­archy to increase management capacity.

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Furthermore job fulfillment, discipline, supervision and teamwork are more easily attained with a greater productivity.