As cities and their problems grew quickly, the political environment changed. People called political machines came into the picture. They did welcome the new immigrants to the country, but their kindness did not go un-rewarded. The only people, who benefited from the outcome of political machines, were those who held a higher social status.
The political bosses arose partly because of the sudden flow of immigrants into the country. Much of the government was unable to keep up with the needs of the people and that's where the political machines came in. They existed for two main reasons: money and power. The urban bosses did help a lot. They assisted immigrants with housing and jobs. They brought groceries to the families and even bailed family members out of jail. In exchange for their services, the political bosses expected loyalty from the people. They helped out the immigrants with one goal in mind; they mainly wanted their vote. If you wronged a political boss, they could kick you out of your home and even get you fired from your job. They treated the immigrants with kindness, but on a surface level. The government thought they were shady and soon went after the political machines and corruption in the cities.
The Political Machines made sure the poor got what they needed. They also made sure that they got what they wanted in the process. Through bribes and illegal means, the political machines took over cities. Some argue that these politicians were corrupt; others say they were just providing a much needed service.