The United States in the beginning stages of the 20th century was very different compared to what it is today.

Times were pretty rough around here due to recovery from the civil war.At this time living conditions were very different, along with way of life and the current technological state.Even though times were rough during the years following the Civil War, they were looking better. The years 1900-1916 were known as the progressive era.

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The U.S. wanted to better the country with reform in politics, technology, and morals. Times were looking up to the U.S.

until troubles started to arise in Europe, thus causing WWI. The Untied States consisted of 48 different states on the continent of North America ( area of the United States took up almost twenty degrees of middle latitude in width and crossed the North America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed., S.v.

"United States").Between the decade 1900 and 1910 the U.S. population jumped from 76,000,000 to 91,972,266, which is a growth of about 21%. When it comes to geography the U.S.

hit about every option you could have.They had plains, mountains, lakes, and dessert.If talking about climate it all depends on what region you live in.In the south winters are mild and summers were usually scorchers.In the north winters are frigid and summers are usually hot. When talking about major cities you would be surprised to know that the cities of the early 20th century are pretty much the same as they are now.

In the north east region you have Chicago and New York.The south east region there is Washington D.C. and Miami, and on the west coast there would be San Francisco.The major population during these times was centered on the east coast because the west coast had not yet become popular.

Soon enough it would though with the rising boom of the westward expansi…