The United States actions during WWII Many people question whether or not the United States did as much as they could have to stop the killing of so many people in Germany during WWII.I think that the United States did all that they could during the War even though thousands of people had to die. The United States got involved legally, Roosevelt geared American Industry to manufacture wartime machinery and also the political influence was very high. The United States got involved legally in that written in the Constitution it states that the United States can not get involved in a war unless Congress votes and approves the declaration of war or if another country attacks us.

So Roosevelt wanted Japan to attack us and kind of pushed them to so that we could go to war. Roosevelt knew that many of the Congress members did not want to go to war and so he knew that they would not declare war on Germany with out being attacked so he spent a lot of time figuring out how he could get Japan to attack us.Once we were attacked by Japan illegally the American people really rallied behind the government and supported us going to war.

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Roosevelt geared American industry to manufacture wartime machinery such as guns, tanks, planes, ships, clothing, and other items and sold and transported them to Canada and England so that they could have something to fight with. The Americans were much more sophisticated in the building of these items so since America could not be in the war because Congress wouldn't let them declare war they decided to help out the Allies and supply with the things that they needed.Some of the men from America went and joined the Canadian Air Force because they wanted to help the Canadian's since at that time they could not do anything in United States.

Many of the same items that we used in the war was already being used by the other Allies because in actuality even though we were not fighting we had been…